Dan, I had you make me a m1a with a 9 1/2 blade, you made the handle to fit my hand. All I can say is DAMN! I recently took a trip to the U.P. I've used the knife a lil but had not put it to the "test". I took a single person tent, some mre's, and your typical survival gear. Parked my truck in the woods n started walking. I also brought my busse combat knife, its a great knife, but never left my backpack. The m1a totally blew my mind! I was splitting every log I could find! Chopping down trees, saplings, building furniture, fire, shelter, tearing it down and rebuilding it just to use the my m1a! I probably used it every hour I was out there. O ya it rained all six days I was there. When I got home I figured there would be a lil spots of rust and some chips in the edge...nothing! It still looks like the day I got it in the mail! And still can shave with it! I would recommend relentless knifes to anyone and everyone. Thanks for keeping "you get what yo! u pay for,a true statement. Sincerely Eric
Hello Dan,
Have received the knives and they both are great. The M1 Midget is larger than expected, it measures 7 3/4'' instead of 6 1/2''. It may be different to what I ordered but I am completely satisfied. The shape, grip and weight of the knife is excellent.
The M1-Sub Compact looks and feels like a little work horse.
The knives are beautifully made and a credit to you at Relentless Knives.
All the best
Dan, Sometimes I'm a really bad person, I'm finally getting back to you. Picked up the knife this Monday because I put the mail on hold last weekend when we were gone and it arrived on Friday. VERY nice, it's been busy enough that I haven't had that much time to play but so far I am very impress. I've used it on dried oak, birch, apple wood and used it some while taking down buckthorn and willow on the property line. Very handy with the heavy work and still able to do detail work. Impressive. I'm thinking you bigger knives must truly be brutal and pack a punch! I'm impressed with this blades ability to do fine work as well as heavy cutting. Thanks again and I'll keep checking your site. GREAT WORK!!! Steve
Dan: Received my m3 medic wow very impressed awesome knife have already shaved down a 4x4 it was fun my friends all liked it thank you 2 big thumbs up Paris
Dan, I was reading the _____Forums the other day (I am not a member, I am a member of HoodsWoods). I saw some posts of guys ripping your design. I want to let you know that they are so dead wrong its insane. The knife you made for me may be the greatest knife I have ever held. I thought it would be so much heavier than it is, but it fits me perfectly. I have used it for quite a few things so far, and it has performed with brutal efficiency. One question I had was the serrations on top. I know we went over the design a few times, and it seems pretty fantastic for wire stripping. What else would that kind of serration be used for in your opinion?   I wanted to get your opinion on it. Thank you again for making a lifetime companion for me. Chris

Chris: Hi, Chris: Hi, Yeah the people on _____ forums.....and a few other places including _______ knives magazine, are .....well maybe a good word would be persnickety. But here is a clue. Check the number of posts located just under the avatar of the people with .....attitudes. You'll find that most of these people don't like me or my knives....yet have never owned one, or even seen one in the flesh. The point is that if your a knifemaker, you have to pay to sell on these forums. Also, if you spend lots of time there you will find that the people who own and run these forums sell about ever factory knife on the planet, and under about a dozen different business names. They also host a few......semi production makers who are super aggressive against any perceived competition. One of these fellows in particular has perhaps dozens of screen names and a crew with the same. They do all they can to change the minds of the masses when it comes to makers or companies who fail to pay. I have paid on a few other forums like this, only to find that payment is not the end of it. This is not on all knife forums, but the situation exists. Further, I have been making knives full time for 14 years, have been in a few movies, and, have a real good customer base. This has been a result of lots of hard work on my part, and no advertising other than what you see on my web site. This is not what the forums and magazines want. I was contacted by several American magazines, and with one I made thirty knives to get 4 of the best I ever made. They were sent in as requested, but when they found out that I wanted the knives back.....HA Ha the article was canceled. You can write to my associate Major Humphrey to verify this. So, I suppose it's all just part of the territory, and I'm not the first or the last person this has happened to. I have answered them on a few threads, and I also have copies of a few threads that were changed up or taken away so my comments are just gone. The owner of TOPs knives will tell you a similar story. No problem, we live in a dangerous world, full of trickery etc. So, about your serrations, they are there because if you find yourself in a situation were you have to travel light, with no resupply, and have only your knife as a tool, they will be more useful than if the top of your knife didn't have them. Don't know if you have ever transversed extremely thick under brush were there are no trails.....but if you do, sometimes it is so thick that you are way better off to crawl through it. After awhile being at ground level with the stems rather than upright with the jaggers, and with no room to swing a knife or anything else, you'll find those serrations do a great job of cutting you a path through the stuff. sort of like a tunnel. If your in a war zone, this is also a handy way to avoid being killed or captured, as almost no one will know your there, and, the sawing action is way more quiet than beating the bush. They can also be used for notching sapling width wood, for building traps or snares. My statement that I make extreme use knives is no lie, joke or ad gimmick. Most people will never need a knife like that, and most people don't own one. As for the lightness, your knife is part knife and part sword. If it were bulky, it's use as a weapon would be greatly diminished. Speed and Balance can save your life in a precarious situation. Properly handled, at close quarters in your hand is a tool with the ability to remove not only the guns, but the hands holding them of multiple attackers. Not that another knife wouldn't do that, but that is what the balance and feel are good for. That's it. Enjoy you knife. Thanks for All Dan
From a forum: Y'all got the wrong idea.... The Relentless knives are made for a specific purpose. They perform very well for their intended use. Most seem to be concerned about their performance as a bushcraft, or daily use tool. Wrong and wrong. Many of the blades boast a .25 spine, full tang, and abrupt edges. Slicing? Nope. Food prep? Nope. Quartering prey? Nope. Carving out a chess piece on a quiet afternoon? Nope. As a very satisfied customer, that pestered Daniel Certo with questions for months before I placed an order, it is tough to hear these knives described as over priced and superficial. We are not talking about a Glock 17 here, we're talking about a 12 gauge. I worked out a deal with Daniel for two, almost identical, knives. The model was the M2 Talon. It is a pleasure to be able to deal directly with the man making your knives. He put a lot of thought into my needs, and his recommendations lead me to a selection that fit those needs perfectly, and happened to be one of his lower priced models. (There are a lot more, lower priced knives on the site now) I decided on a standard Talon in S30V as a brutal, last resort self defense tool that I keep next to my bed. I traced my hand, and sent a scan with measurements to Daniel when I placed my order. The resulting knife, and blocky handle, fit my hand so well that it is hard to describe. He had a lanyard attached that was tied to an exact length that allowed me to secure a vise-like grip on this uncompromising chunk of steel. In the dark, in a panic, a grip like that can mean the world. I don't care if I was working on a butter sculpture before I grabbed the knife, I am not going to loose my grip. And that heavy chunk of metal is not going to be easy to stop once I decide to make a move. That is it's only use, and I guarantee it will be very effective. It is a thrust weapon. Plain and simple. The other knife was made in 5160 without a handle. Just extra cord wrapped around and an extra hole drilled at the base of the blade for tying options. The handle of this knife was taller to compensate for no micarta and also fits my hand perfectly. The purpose of this knife is a backcountry trekking companion. I do not believe that one knife can be well designed for multiple uses, and I get annoyed by designers who say they can pull it off. My Talon is used for camp prep, or as a possible escape tool if some climbing or prying was ever necessary. In a pinch, it could be used as a spearhead. In general, I use the knife for the kinds of jobs you would hate to use a knife for. Digging trenches, chopping smaller branches for firewood, splitting larger ones with a rock. I have also hammered it into a tree and used it as a foothold so I could retrieve a stubborn bear-bag. With a blade width of 2", a .25" spine and a relatively short 7" overall length, this chunk of tool steel is a very trustworthy companion that gets used without mercy. I have a high-quality, ultra-lightweight folder that performs all other knife tasks. It would be annoying to use the Talon for those tasks, it would be impossible to use the other knife to do the Talon's job. Sorry for the long post. I feel like I know Mr. Certo, and take harsh criticism of his work personally. Poor guy had to send me about 12 emails, some quite long, before I was ready to place an order. It was obvious from the context that he was just happy to talk about his craft, and would have wished me well if I had decided to not order. In today's mass-produced world, I don't mind paying a little extra for original designs and a created-to-order product. I actually took some pride in doing so. Feel free to list some alternative solutions to my two specific needs. I truly believe that the Relentless blades do their jobs very well. Note: before the Talon, I used an Ontario SP8 Machete as my hard-use backcountry tool. It worked very well, especially since it's length allowed me to sharpen the blade differently at its base and near the end for different jobs. Just too bulky and heavy.
Hi Dan, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful knife. I have been sitting with it and have decided to keep it. It is one BIG knife. In my hand I feel I could chop a tree down in one swoop. I will send some pics of it for you site if you choose. I LOVE this BEAST. Thanks again. Kind regards Rob
Man does this thing CUT!I'm at my land (130 acres 1.5 miles of riverfront) in the middle of nowhere just getting a feel for it. I have to say this knife is truly one of a kind.It is the perfect size for big jobs but I can easily dress out a deer.I can't tell you how solid this knife feels in my hand. You are a master of your craft I am grateful to have such a fine knife to pass down thru generations in my family.Patrick ...happy customer Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
So, I dont have any updated photos yet and Im still not hiking (but Im getting closer), however I have been testing the knife out around the property and analyzing it since I got it, so I figured I would give you my first review. I do plan to give you a better review later on with photos, but I wanted to send something while the thoughts were still fresh in my head. So first off, in the past, any time I had waited a while for a large purchase or custom order of something to arrive, I found myself imagining what the finished product would be like. In turn, I set unreasonably high expectations based on what I imagined, whether those thoughts were based in reality or not. After looking at this knife for a few weeks now, I can say that it has exceeded all of my expectations and requirements. I did not buy or alter the design of this knife for any sort of aesthetic reasons. The knife is a tool, not an artistic statement, and not something that will sit on a mantle or behind glass, but the fact is that it is beautiful. The lines and angles are perfect, beauty through function and strength. Every angle, line, and groove has a purpose, nothing is there that doesnt absolutely need to be and nothing is missing. When comparing the steel to the TOPS M4X, it is just as you said, it is lighter in weight, it is more flexible and stronger. Ive never associated strength and flexibility as one in the same in a knife, but in this case, that is absolutely what it is. I have used the knife to chop, cut, and pry. I have put all my weight against the knife after wedging it in between a split tree trunk to mimic the lateral forces exerted as Id do in the woods, especially in the winter when I need additional stability due to all the ice. My 195 pound frame pulling on the knife caused it to flex slightly, but it showed no signs of serious stress. I also pushed against the knife as I would if I was going to use it for prying and again, no signs of stress, just the same slight spring like flexibility spread evenly over the blade. The edge doesnt look more formidable than many other knives, but looks are deceiving. This knife can cut through rope, thick cardboard, and wood like no knife Ive ever had before and its not because of its weight or leverage, its all in the edge. The serrations on the bottom of the blade are perfect for thicker rope and harder materials. The serrations on the top of the blade set the standard in my opinion for a survival / utility knife. This is the first knife that I can use as a saw and not as a last resort either, this knife works just as well on branches as any saw Ive ever used for camping. Ive used the knife in place of an axe (or wedge) in logs as large as 8" thick and 20" long. By hitting the top of the knife with a small piece of a branch it splits the log quickly, whether it be pine, oak, or ash. The balance is spectacular. Balance was not important to me when we started the process of building a knife that could accomplish all of the tasks I needed it for, both in the summer and in the winter months. Being that balance really was not on my list of requirements I accepted the fact that a knife this long and this wide, would feel imbalanced, but I felt the size was worth the sacrifice. I cannot explain what a shock it was to first hold this knife. If I had my eyes closed, I would have guessed the blade was about half of its actual length. The balance is spectacular for a knife of this size and truly feels like an extension of my hand. How many other knives can you use to saw through or chop wood and just as easily make fine detailed cuts? As far as I knew up until receiving this knife, the answer was none. The Sheaths are top notch and the kydex sheath with the molle compatible clip on back allows me to attach it to just about anything. In fact the only thing I would change is that I would move the strap that wraps around the handle higher, as on occasion it gets in the way when putting the knife back in the sheath. I know you changed a few aspects of this knife from the standard M1A and for all of the campers and hikers out there, I would suggest you offer whatever it is you did as a standardized package, I think the knife is simply amazing. I'll update you in a few months when Im back in the woods and have put the knife through its paces and have some good photos.
Daniel, I recieved the rattle snake bowie military survival knife yesterday and i expected a good knife but what i got was the best looking and well made knife that i have ever seen. I have over a hundred high quality knives and i have to tell you this one is by for the best, this is the second knife i have purchased from you so i knew this knife would be well made based on how well the first knife i got from you was but you took it a level higher. Thanks for the hard work and im sure i will be back for more later. Dustin
Hey there Dan, I received the sheath in the mail and its perfect!! Thanks for all your hard work and have a great day. R/ Nate
Kevin posted something on your Wall and wrote: "If you do not own one of Dan's knives save up for one. They are one of the best made knives on the market and for what you get the cost is well worth it. His service is superb and personal. I have a business that evaluates knife makers worldwide and he is only one of two that I personally recommend. I have never met him face to face but my dealings with him involving my purchase leads me to believe he is both honest and sincere. Keep up th good work Dan."
Dear Dan, Received my knife yesterday, 3/4/10. It's even better than I expected. Thank You Tom
Hi Dan, Happy new year to you and family, I'm only just finding my way around this do-dad myself( this is my first msg! )so bare with me. The Knife is OUTSTANDING!! I love everything about it, the heft for chopping the sharpness and it'll feather a small branch like a good 'un. It is definetly looked upon with envious eyes where ever I end up! Took some shit from the guys on campfire talks as my purchase co-insided with the Punisher movie , but the crap this Knife has endured stopped the bitching, save for a couple of tools. I met a marine who got the TOPS version and he looked pig sick when he found out mine was from the man himself. Any way, I'll let you crack on I'm sure you've got your hands full. I'll send some pics if I get on with this site. DEAN
Hello Dan, I just received the knife. That was real quick. And I absolutly love it. Thanks again for the great work. That's really the knife I expected. I can't wait to use it soon in my next backpack trip. Be sure, you have new happy customer ;-) Best regards Daniel
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I ordered an M9 Sniper from you in September of 2014. As I have been living in Russia I have been thus far unable to see, and handle the knife you made for me. It has been sitting at my American address untouched since it arrived in October. However I arrived back in the states just after New Year and was finally able to check out the knife. It was one of the most exciting boxes I've ever opened. Let me just say that the knife is absolutely spectacular in every way imaginable. I've never held such a hefty and absolutely confidence inspiring piece before in my life. The weight and balance of the knife are even better than the photos would have you believe: perfect for chopping, but not so nose-heavy as to be unwieldy. Even the subtle imperfections reveal a knife that has been worked by hand, and a knife that is meant for hard use, not just to be salivated over (though I'm dehydrated from all the salivating haha). Also, the sheath is something to behold. I swear you could kill a man with just the sheath!  Immediately after  I opened the box and saw what a beast you've made. I feel like it could survive a nuclear war, and it certainly will last longer than I will. It really is a "last-knife-you'll-ever-need" kind of knife. I can't wait to get some time in the woods with it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family, and thanks again for the knife.


PS: Will be referring business to you. My friends are all slack-jawed at the knife. Expect orders soon.
Subject : Re: M9 Sniper
Date :  Apr 2015


This is James (your customer living in Russia.) I'm a few  months late in writing this email, but I wanted to let you know  that I was able to put the M9 you made for me through its  paces back in January. I already told you about how it's  cosmetically awesome, as well as awe-inspiring to hold, but  since writing I've had a few winter camping trips. The M9 was  not only able to handle the usual batoning of logs, but also  batoned several downed 5-inch hardwood TREES in half  against the grain no problem. ZERO chipping or rolling or any  blade deformation occurred, and I looked really close. Any of  my other knives simply wouldn't have been up to the task.  Also those brutal serrations on the top shocked me with how  easily they tore through small branches. Glad to say the knife  not only has presence, but it f__king RUNS. I'd order another  but I simply don't need it: this knife does it all. Thanks again.