Details, options, ordering instructions, wait times and terms of sale are below.

Relentless Knives  M4 Bolo
ZONE tempered
Blade Length: 8 inch
Blade Thickness: 1/4inch
Blade Width: 2inch
Overall Length: 13 inch
Handle Length: 5 inch
Top Edge :Serrated or Plain
Blade Finish: Satin or Matte
Handle Material: Black or Green Canvas Micarta

Price $399.95  in High strength 5160 or (8670M when available)steel
CPM s30V High Performance Stainless Steel $499.95
CPM s35V High Performance Stainless Steel $519.95
CPM 3V  High Performance Semi Stainless Steel $559.95

.....10 inch blade + $20.00


Extra Blade length $10.00 per inch for cataloged knives
KG Gun Kote +$25.00 Black or Gray and up depending on knife size
Form Fit Kydex sheath + $55.00 and up depending on knife size
LPF1 Pouch Front leather sheath +$65.00 and up depending on knife size
Tek Lok Hanger for either sheath +$15.00 installed
Interchangeable hangers on either kydex or leather sheath allowing high ride, drop leg, horizontal or Molle carry'
$25.00 each and up depending on knife size

Further Options:
In order to get the strongest knife available I use a combination of special heat treatments, a tri a symmetrical grind, and a steel selection that resists breakage and allows the
knife to be exceptionally strong without being forged.
Then, if that's not enough, I offer a hot enhancement option, that includes everything humanly possible to make your knife almost unbreakable.
Hot Enhancement +$225.00 = Hand Forged,
Triple Thermo Quenched, Cryogenic Freeze,
Triple tempered....Hot enhancement turns an
industrial strength tool into a super knife enhancing
the breakage resistance and edge holding x 4
These enhancements are for the most demanding users.
In practicality you won't need them but they are available and can be applied to any of the steels

Customization :
Customization of cataloged models is available usually for a small extra fee. This would include but not limited to changes in blade length, handle material additional overall length etc. Customizations are no problem so long as they do not defeat the integrity of the model.

Custom Build:
If you want something completely different than what is seen in the catalog, I also take Custom orders.

You can get a rough idea of the price you might pay by checking my catalog. Select a knife with
specs close to what you have in mind, then add $125.00 (length, width, etc)
There is also a $50.00 drawing fee which includes as many drawings as required to
achieve the desired shape of the knife. (Sample drawings upon request.)
Customer input and approval is paramount in the process so set aside time to comment etc.

Custom order process:

#1 You tell me what you have in mind, and provide detailed description, a rough sketch,or photo.

#2 I will return a quote, listing the different available steels, optional
enhancements, handle materials,sheaths etc.

#3 You select what suits your needs, add up your total and remit payment.

#4 I confirm specs and submit drawings until you are happy with the shape of the knife.

#5 I resubmit to you both drawing and spec sheet for final approval.

#6 Your knife is put into production. Wait time for Custom designs is 24 weeks or less.

RUSH Ordering for Cataloged and Customized:
Each Relentless knife is completely handmade for you by me in my shop. So, there is a waiting period during which I make your knife.
Some people can not or will not wait, so,
Wait time can be reduced to 6 weeks for Hot Enhanced knives and 4 weeks
on cataloged models by
paying an additional rush fee of $100.00....Just include the extra fee and
mark RUSH on your order description.
Should you need the knife quicker than that, I
can do it in three and two weeks respectively for an additional $100.00.
So mark your order
Super Rush and include $200.00 additional.
Keep in mind that I have many orders, and your order is in a line with others. The rush fee is because I do not slow down others orders for your rush, but simply do nothing that I would usually do while completing your order which results in personal matters being on hold etc etc.

RUSH CUSTOM Builds: Rushing Custom Builds is not recommended, but if you want it and it is possible the fee depends on the build and is more than the Rush and Super Rush listed above

Photos: I can provide photos of your knife being made from beginning to end. This takes extra time and often the help
of others who may or may not share our enthusiasm for knives and their making. Since most of the time making your knife requires me to use both hands, I have to employ help for this task. and the photographers fee is $100.00

Available knives: My web site sometimes lists available knives for sale. These are knives that I make and sell. They are usually cataloged models, but sometimes they are prototypes, or just non cataloged knives that I wanted to make. There is no predetermined schedule for these. If you want one I simply suggest you watch the available knives pages.

To place your order:
To place your order, for any cataloged model, email me with any particulars, questions, comments or requested customization, (extra blade length, coatings etc, etc.) or simply choose your knife and any
options, add up your total, then use the website Pay Button on the catalog page.
Enter for example: M2 Talon 8670M,Green Handle,Matte and the price, on the item description line.
The website calculates shipping approx $15.00 for USPS Priority insured with
delivery confirmation.
Upon receipt of funds I'll send your receipt marked paid in full,
with a copy of your order sheet.
You confirm spec's via email,
Then your knife will be put into production without delay and finished within the a lotted time continuum
Wait time is 16 weeks or less and 24 weeks or less for Custom builds and Hot Enhanced knives.
Your further questions, comments and orders are always welcomed.
I look forward to making your special knife.
All the Best
Dan Certo
Terms of Sale:
Payment in advance via Pay pal, Credit card or Echeck through Paypal, Cash Check or M.O. require bank clearance but are also accepted.after knife quote and before actual metal work is started. Delivery time 16 weeks or less for standard models of RELENTLESS KNIVES and vary as per the amount of work involved on custom orders, 24 weeks for Hot Enhanced knives. Shipping via USPS insured with insurance and tracking. Photos of the finished product emailed for
your approval. All sales are final, and I'm sure you'll be pleased. If not I offer remaking at time of photo
and ten days after the knife is received so long as the knife is returned in New unused condition. Remakes are handled in the order received, and take precedence over regular orders. After that you have a life time replacement warranty for breakage except for handles and extreme abuse.
Available Knives follow the above terms of sale, except, that they are shipped promptly. They can be returned for a remake, if returned in the condition received
within ten business days. Note all sizes are approx within reason, and each knife is completely handmade resulting in a slight variance in
look from knife to knife
Important Information
Legal Disclaimer
By purchasing this Item, Purchaser represents they're 18 years or older, voluntarily agrees to waive all liability arising in connection with this Item, and freely assumes all risks of use, known and unknown. If Purchaser transfers or loans the Item, Purchaser will obtain transferee's agreement of all terms herein. Should any legal claim or action arise, Purchaser agrees to indemnify, defend, hold harmless, and forever release the seller from all liability.
Details, Options, Ordering Instructions
If you are ready to place your order, use the pay button on the  Catalog page .
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Steel selection chart:  I use the ones with Green dots
Wear resistance=edge holding ability

=resistance to strong lateral force
without deformation or breakage.

Zone tempering:  included with all RELENTLESS
knives=a process that increases the toughness of the steel considerably without affecting edge holding ability.
The Chart reflects the toughness before Zone tempering.
After Zone tempering the toughness is further improved.

5160 (most economical) is a very strong steel so
your knife will never break, but it rusts easily and
requires frequent sharpening.

8670M/L6  Slightly less toughness than 5160 with twice the edge holding ability. More economical than CPM steels.
Non Stainless

CPM s30V  Excellent resistance to later force
Superior edge holding ability greatly reducing the
chore of sharpening, and wearing away of the knife.
Also stainless and resists rust unless exposed to
salt water without rinse for 2 days.

CPM S35V  High performance stainless steel.
Improved s30V formula offers you a better finish with
more strength and ability to resist lateral force.  It
sharpens easily compared to most steel with extreme
edge holding ability.  It resists rust and corrosion far
better than most stainless steels, although more
expensive.  It is the best choice for a stainless extreme
use knife available today.

CPM 3V  Super High performance Semi stainless
steel.  Super performance with strength far exceeding
all of the above.  More expensive due to its difficulty to work with, but completely worth the extra price for a
knife that will endure brutally extreme conditions.

All Relentless knives are ZONE tempered
Zone tempering slightly reduces rust resistance
so it is recommended that the knife be kept clean and dry with a light coating of any oil or rust inhibitor.
This process greatly enhances the excellent properties
of the steels selected for their strength and durability.

OPTIONAL:  Hot Enhancement=Hand Forged,
Triple Thermo Quenched, Cryogenic Freeze,
Triple tempered.  Hot enhancement turns an
industrial strength tool into a super knife enhancing
the breakage resistance and edge holding x4

These enhancements are for the most demanding users.
In practicality you won't need them unless you plan
on building cities in the jungle with your
knife as your only tool.

NOTE:  All of the above steels are chosen for their strength and durability.  Your knife will withstand extreme use with any of the above steels.