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When failure is NOT an option

You'll need a knife made to endure extreme conditions, and keep on going.
Digging holes or spear making to keep predators at a safe distance, or procuring wild game can destroy most knives leaving you in the cold.
Stay Safe in situations above and beyond every day use with a knife that won't break, has excellent edge holding and sharpens with ease. Your RELENTLESS  KNIFE  will  handle multiple life saving tasks.

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The knife was pictured above was hammered into the tree,
then stood upon with full sized mans weight.
No deformation

Most knives break or bend easily when lateral force is applied.
Should you find yourself in a burning building, vehicle, or air craft your knife may need to perform as a pry bar, rope anchor, glass breaker, spear or  saw.  Don't forget one of your most important survival tools.

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A steel chart is available on this site explaining the differences of the various steels used to make the knives. Check the menus


Relentless Knives
Tactical knife

LB1 Leather sheath included

Carry it in your pocket or purse. Always open. Ready for instant deplyment,whether to open packages, cut seat belts,
or suprising an attacker, this little knife is big and strong enough to save your life.  It will easily become your faithful companion.

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Tactical Knife

CPM-3V Super High
Performance Semi Stainless steel
ZONE tempered
Blade Length: "
OAL Thickness: 1/4"
Blade Width: "
Overall Length: "
Handle Material:
Canvas Micarta
LB1 Leather sheath included
Features and Benefits:
Great Utility knife.
Super Strong.
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Relentless Knives
M4  Recon
Tactical knife


Features and Benefits: Traditionally styled,
the M4 ReCon is a  Great 
Combat, Survival Utility knife.
The knife comes with removable handles,  which allow you to quickly and easily change to P cord , or to use the knife as a spear when needed. 
The guard  protects the hand, allows the knife to be tethered to the palm so other things can be accomplished while the knife is in the hand. This also helps in keeping the knife from loss during emergencies. 
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Relentless Knives
M4 ReCon
Tactical knife

CPM-s35V High
Performance Stainless steel
ZONE tempered
Blade Length: 7 1/2"
OAL Thickness: 1/4"
Blade Width: 1 3/4"
Overall Length: 12"
Handle Material:
Black  Canvas Micarta
LB1 Leather sheath included

Features and Benefits: An excellent all around combat utility knife. Zone tempered for incredible strength. Tri-asymmetrical grind for a strong sharp point. Double guard for hand protection and forceful thrusts. Serrations for sawing through tough thick materials, wire stripping, or scraping. 

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Relentless Knives
M2 Talon
Tactical knife

LB1 Leather sheath included

Features and Benefits: The M2 Talon  with it's broad blade and compact OAL has been chosen by Professional soldiers and Law Enforcement personnel worldwide as a highly efficient backup weapon. In a last ditch CQB situation this little knife, correctly deployed,  is devastating.  Low key, easy to carry.  It's also great for hundreds
of general utility tasks.

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Relentless Knives
Tactical knife

Features and Benefits:
Be Prepared with a knife that will endure the most extreme conditions.
Great for personal protection
and much more. Removable handles allow you to make it into a spear, or wrap the handle with P cord.
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Relentless Knives

Tactical knife
non catalog

Features and Benefits: An excellent all around combat, utility, survival knife. Zone tempered for incredible strength,
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Relentless Knives
M4 Wolverine
Tactical knife

Relentless Knives M4 WOLVERINE Jr

Features and Benefits: Compact addition to your personal protection plan. Devastating last ditch backup to your firearm. Leave nothing to chance. In an emergency this knife can save your life. No threat, no problem, it is also a Great all around utility knife that will handle a wide variety of tasks and great for every day carry.

Relentless Knives
M4 Punisher
Tactical knife

8670 High
Carbon steel
ZONE tempered  
Blade Length: 10"
OAL Thickness: 1/4" 
Blade Width: 2  1/4 "
Overall Length: 15"
Textured Black  Canvas Micarta
LB1 Leather  sheath

Features and Benefits: Relentless M4X  chosen out of 30 knives
to be the Official knife of  The Punisher  in 2008 Lionsgate Production of
Punisher War Zone

The  RELENTLESS M4X PUNISHER is NOT your average movie knife.
Your M4X
is a fully functional Extreme use knife built to withstand hard and heavy use under the most extreme conditions.
Relentless Knives have gained prominence world wide among Military and Law Enforcement Professionals
as a knife that won't quit when the going gets tough.
Take it with you on your next adventure.
It's waiting to become your faithful companion.
Extreme use chopper. This knife is designed for hard and heavy deep woods
survival chores. Felling up to 4 inch thick trees for
shelter or raft building and splitting fire wood. Hacking though thick vines etc.
Ax like edge will stay sharp under brutal chopping chores. Strong sharp point  should the need for personal protection  from bears of all kinds.

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Relentless Knives

More Knives in the works.
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CPM-3V, CPM-s35V and 8670 steel
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